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Shofu handpiece only $490.00 was used to create this beautiful art of our granddaughter who lives in Cooper Landing Alaska. 

Using the Coyote Stencil Shop
v3.0 software, within 5 minutes I was able to scan the picture into the software and create an easy to use stencil.  Using the Shofu to carve  into the wood is again EASY!

We believe the Coyote Stencil Shop v 3.0 software is one of the best products created for carvers in years.  GREAT PRODUCT

I have done many custom jobs using photos brought to me by customers.  Once you have the stencil to your liking, you can easily print it onto the Applique Film and carve or engrave the picture into almost any surface of your choice.

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Shofu Lab Air-Z Oil Free

Click here for a brief demo


We have several customers who require a custom setup for using this awesome tool, (not a problem) Many are unable to use a foot pedal to run the tool & feel at a disadvantage.  Please watch this brief demo by clicking the link below if  you have problems using a foot pedal.


WOW look at this great little tool for cleaning your bits. Click on the photo for a demo.




Hello, we are Carl and Shirley Edmondson and we live in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  Home of the London Bridge.

We have many winter visitors that come to Lake Havasu each winter, and we would LOVE to meet you if ever you visit our beautiful city.
We have been carving and engraving with high speed equipment since 1993. Our prefered handpiece is the Shofu Lab Air-Z Oil Free.  
The Shofu Lab Air-Z is NOT a hobby tool!  It is your lifetime piece of equipment (please visit our SHOFU page to learn all of the wonderful features of this powerful little tool)  If you are looking to add high speed air equipment to your shop, the Shofu is a definate contender.

As you browse through our website, you will find we carry a large inventory of supplies for air equipment.   We carry ONLY high grade supplies to ensure your precision tool runs at its peak performance.   Over the years terminology has varied for the carving and engraving supplies.  These are a few of the names that carvers and engravers use;  diamond bits, diamond burs, carbide bits, carbide burs, engraving bits, carving bits, engraving burs, carving burs, dental bits or dental burs.  These bits are 1/16" shank for the air driven high speed equipment.  The bits we carry are high grade dental instruments.  For imaging we carry Applique Film designed for photo copiers, Laser printers and Ink Jet printers.  The Applique film has also taken on other names such as;  stencil film, stencil, transfer film, and the trusted stand by Sticky Back Paper or sticky back film!  Green Stones, White Stones, Bill's bits, Bonnie's Gourd Bits, and several specialty bits/burs. 

While searching the products on our site you will also find California Air Tools Air Compressors, which were formerly named SprayIt or GMC Compressors.  We also carry Sil-Aire and Val-Aire Silent Air Compressors.  A great tool to look for on our site is the new Bit Cleaner for cleaning your bits/burs.  The Optivisor is also is very handy for magnifying your work.  And don't forget to check out our instructional DVD's in our Video Library.  These DVD's are classroom perfect and you learn a lot from them in several mediums.  We also have a great program for creating stencils for carving and engraving, Coyote Stencil Shop.  If you are interested in Gun Stock carving be sure to check out Gunstock Carving by Bill Janney.  This is really a great book with many photos to help you.

We also offer several YouTube previews to introduce you to the wonderful world of high speed carving and engraving. 

We both thank you for visiting our web store and look forward to hearing from you with questions, comments, suggestions OR to simply chat about carving & engraving.  
Happy Shopping.  If you have any questions as you go through the site, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-928-453-2652 

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